Rémi Boyer (Clariane): “Certification is a management tool that enables the whole group to progress” (interview)

Clariane (formerly Korian) was certified as a 'Top Employer' at European level on 17 January 2024. Although the French retirement home company is regularly criticised for its working conditions, group human resources director Rémi Boyer praised a culmination of HR efforts and a tool for management and continuous improvement within the company. The company is the first in the medico-social sector to obtain the certification.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 05 February 2024 à 17h28 - Update on 05 February 2024 à 17h30

What does this certification mean for Clariane?

We are certified as a ‘Top Employer’ in five countries in Europe, and now also on a European scale, that of the group. First there was Germany, then France, Belgium, Italy and the UK, so five out of the seven in which we operate. This certification is the reward for our long-term efforts to establish and guarantee working conditions for all the group’s employees that are commensurate with the service they provide.

Why did you seek it?

Inspired by the ISO 9001 (quality management) approach that we have adopted, we wanted to standardise our HR processes to improve our operational efficiency. This enables us to gain external recognition for our work and to strengthen our activity to show candidates that, when they join Clariane, they are joining a highly structured company with clear HR policies. Top Employer certification provides this guarantee because it is not based on employee questionnaires but on the evaluation of specific HR processes, in line with ISO certification. What I also find interesting about the approach is that the Top Employer institute is itself audited by a third-party body.…

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