Belgium: a banking sector agreement that focuses on training and teleworking

On 30 September, Belgium’s banking sector social partners including Febelfin (employers’ federation), and the CGSLB, FGTB, and CSC trade unions bodies signed an agreement that will apply to almost 51,000 working in the banking sector. As with the previous agreement, the joint sector Committee (CP 310) focused on the issues of purchasing power, training and end-of-career. Among its new directions are the right to disconnect and teleworking.

Through . Published on 03 October 2019 à 15h14 - Update on 06 July 2020 à 9h41

Primary measures within this agreement. Training is a key priority the agreement clarifies thus, “Companies commit to developing career-related policies focused on development, feasible work and employability.’ In concrete terms, from 2020 required minimum training opportunities will rise from 4 days per annum to 5 for all employees in banks with at least 750 headcount, while for other bank employees the number of days rises from three to four. In addition, as part of the ‘Groups at Risk’ Collective Labour Agreement, banks have until 30 November 2019 to conclude a company CLA for 2019 and 2020 that aims to allocate 10% of payroll to support identified ‘groups at risk’.…

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