France: agreement reached at Safran group to avoid social breakdown

Negotiations concluded on Friday 3 July with the support of 3 organisations – the FO, CFDT and CFE-CGC (the CGT should decide by Wednesday) – prepared to sign the agreement. The agreement proposes a package of measures to help the aerospace group Safran, which has been heavily impacted by the crisis in the aviation sector, manage the 12,000 jobs in France that it considers to be surplus. These measures range from departure incentives for employees who may leave to movement within the group, as well as wage moderation and a range of external mobility tools to respond to employees’ varying professional and personal projects. In return, the group has pledged that it will not lay off employees and that it will continue with its training efforts to ensure that the necessary skills are maintained.

Through . Published on 06 July 2020 à 16h36 - Update on 08 July 2020 à 13h57

Commitment not to lay off staff and a precise definition of a return to better fortunes, so the group can backtrack on permitted measures. In return for the measures to be implemented with the agreement, Safran pledges not to make any redundancies for economic reasons during the period that the agreement is binding – until 31 December 2021. The agreement does, however, provide for a return to the negotiating table in the event that the situation in the sector worsens; meanwhile, if the sector returns to better fortunes (a circumstance that is precisely defined in the agreement with objective indicators),…

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