France: agreement struck in digital, engineering and consultancy sectors to combat sexual harassment

On 15 March, the social partners in France's so-called 'Betic' branch, comprising technical consultancies, engineering consultancies and consultancy firms (1.2 million employees), signed an agreement designed to combat sexual harassment and sexist behaviour in the workplace. Both educational and practical in nature, the text aims to give employers and employees in the sector the tools they need to prevent and deal with such situations.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 21 March 2024 Ă  15h12 - Update on 21 March 2024 Ă  15h14

On 15 March, the two major employers’ organisations in the sector, Syntec and Cinov, signed an agreement with the CFTC, CFDT, CFE-CGC and FO trade unions on combatting sexual harassment and sexist behaviour in the workplace. The 40-page text, which applies to companies that are members of the employer federations, sets out the legal framework and the employer’s obligations, which are often poorly understood by both employers and employees.…

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