France: MGEN insurer extends teleworking to all group employees

On 07 January 2022, MGEN (Mutuelle générale de l'Éducation nationale) the mutual health and social security insurance group for those working in the French Ministry of National Education (including Higher Education, Training and Scientific Research & Innovation, Culture and Sport) adopted a new agreement on telework. Signed unanimously by the representative trade unions (UNSA, CFE-CGC, CFDT, and CGT), this text extends teleworking to all the group's entities, including the health centres. It also provides for the possibility of employees working remotely from any location on French territory. Unless the extraordinary teleworking arrangements that are currently in place are further extended, this new agreement will come into force on 01 March 2022.

Through . Published on 08 February 2022 à 12h57 - Update on 08 February 2022 à 12h57

On 24 April 2020, at the end of the first period of Covid-related lockdown restrictions, MGEN secured an agreement and implemented a teleworking package that amounted to a maximum of 90 teleworking per year. The teleworking provisions, which were left to the employees and their managers to organise,…

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