France: PSA agreement includes a solidarity-based 100% guarantee of salaries for employees on partial activity and a facility for adjusting summer holidays to facilitate business resumption

On 07 April an ‘agreement on social solidarity, and the protection and health of employees and the company’ was signed by the French auto manufacturer along with 4 of the 5 representative trade union organizations. The agreement creates a solidarity fund that guarantees 100% remuneration for all employees in partial activity, enables each site head to impose 6 days of leave, and gives the site heads the option of adapting summer leave schedules, all the while guaranteeing at least 12 consecutive leave days between 1 July and 31 August for each employee, to ensure that the company can best resume activity.

Through . Published on 08 April 2020 à 13h32 - Update on 08 April 2020 à 16h07

Solidarity fund established that guarantees 100% remuneration for all employees. The ‘Covid-19 solidarity fund’ aims to afford the same guarantees (100% salary) to workers and ETAMs* in partial activity as enjoyed by certain senior staff and executives who, thanks to more favorable sector-related provisions, are currently automatically entitled to 100% of salary compensation. Thus senior staff will be the first to be called on for support by way of a deduction of 2 days’ leave, with workers and ETAM staff only losing one day off.…

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