France: remote work agreement at heart of BNP Paribas smart working policy

On 30 June 2021, BNP Paribas struck a framework agreement on telework, which will allow eligible staff to work remotely two and a half days per week from September. The banking sector union SNB and the CFDT union centre agreed to sign the deal, while the third trade union representing staff at the French bank – CFTC – opted against doing so. Negotiations have commenced on implementing the agreement across BNP Paribas’ various subsidiaries. The agreement forms part of a policy on ‘smart working’ that seeks to change working methods at the banking group.

Through . Published on 23 July 2021 à 16h49 - Update on 22 September 2021 à 15h33

The previous agreement reached at the French banking group on remote work – which allowed one day of telework per week – was in force for only one and a half months, having been struck on 30 January 2020. With the health emergency having lasted 18 months, during which time staff across the group have worked almost entirely remotely, six meetings were held for negotiations over an agreement that is “superior” to the previous one, according to the trade unions, though the banking group’s management stood firm on whether it should cover expenses or equipment costs.…

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