Germany: Deutsche Bahn proposes switch to 35-hour week with an ‘options-based’ model

After two months of failed collective bargaining and "surprise" strikes, the train drivers' union GDL and Deutsche Bahn have reached an innovative agreement on a 35-hour working week with no reduction in pay, starting in 2029, and in several "non-automatic" stages.

Through Thomas Schnee. Published on 27 March 2024 Ă  16h06 - Update on 27 March 2024 Ă  16h07

GDL, Germany’s train drivers’ union, which has around 40,000 members, including drivers and other train crew staff, and represents almost 50% of Deutsche Bahn’s 20,000 train drivers, has succeeded in imposing its central demand in this current round of collective bargaining: namely, a reduction in the working week from 38 hours at present to 35,…

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