Germany: election of a works council at the delivery company Gorillas, with help from the courts

Dissatisfied with the working conditions and pay offered by the young dynamic German start-up and ‘ultra-fast delivery’ platform, employees of Gorillas’ Berlin subsidiary finally succeeded in electing a works council on 27 November 2021. Throughout the process Gorillas management tried to block the election, and notably also in court. Management has also raised the possibility of changing the company's operational structures.

Through . Published on 02 December 2021 à 14h10 - Update on 02 December 2021 à 14h04

Works council election success despite persistent squabbling. On 27 November Gorillas’ Berlin delivery riders announced that they had succeeded in electing a 19-member works council after an election that lasted six days. This announcement puts an end to several months of struggle with the delivery company’s management, which, right until the last minute had persisted in placing obstacles in the couriers’ way. “Under the current circumstances,…

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