Great Britain: an agreement to accompany change at Royal Mail

On 21 April the Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced it had reached an agreement with Royal Mail Group. The ‘Business Recovery, Transformation and Growth Agreement’ grants a 10% pay rise over three years, bans redundancies, and adapts working hours according to the business activity. This agreement in principle will be put to a vote by the union membership in the coming weeks and when ratified should affect around 120,000 of the group's 140,000 employees.

Through Jessica Agache-Gorse. Published on 26 April 2023 Ă  10h51 - Update on 26 April 2023 Ă  10h51

The agreement, which comes after many months of tense negotiations punctuated by 18 days of strikes in 2022, prohibits all types of economic-based employment layoffs (compulsory redundancies) until April 2025. It also provides for a 10% increase in base salary over three years. This means that, in addition to the 2% increase that already applied in April 2022,…

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