Italy: Intesa Sanpaolo agreement has been signed on the four-day working week and hybrid working  

The agreement signed between Intesa Sanpaolo and the Fabi, First-Cisl, Fisac-Cgil, Uilca and Unisin trade unions augments measures Italy's leading bank has been implementing since January 2023. In it, notably the four-day working week and agile working are to be trialled in a considerable number of the banking network’s branches, and conditions surrounding the right to disconnect are also clarified. Intesa Sanpaolo is Italy's largest private employer, with 74,000 employees.

Through Hélène Martinelli. Published on 01 June 2023 à 12h26 - Update on 01 June 2023 à 12h26

Following the break-down in negotiations with the trade union bodies at the end of 2022, and during which time Italy’s leading bank continued to implement its plan for reorganising work, this 26 May agreement on the four-day week and hybrid working has served to calm labour relations at the bank. The text’s preamble refers to the opportunity to strengthen work-life balance and achieve ‘a digital transition that respects people,’ while creating attractive conditions for young people and new recruits.…

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