Italy: new agreement at Ferrero focuses on digital inclusion of workers

The agreement signed on 6 October by the Italian food giant (with around 7,000 employees in Italy) and the Flai-Cgil, Fai-Cisl and Uila trade unions devotes a great deal of attention to digitalisation and training as part of the "Smart Factory" project, extending a series of practices to workers. The agreement also improves the work-life balance and enshrines the "zero tolerance" policy towards discrimination, particularly gender discrimination.

Through Hélène Martinelli. Published on 03 November 2023 à 13h25 - Update on 03 November 2023 à 13h25

Ferrero has launched the “Smart Factory” project (for which the historic Alba site in Piedmont is the European reference point), based on the digitalisation of production processes and the “active and responsible participation of all employees”. Within this framework, the agreement, valid until July 2026, plans to extend access to the “digital ecosystem”, currently reserved for white-collar workers,…

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