Spain: a first ICT sector trade union created for Catalonia

‘One can't be all things to all people'.  The sentiment of being inadequately represented by major trade union federations that tend to favour the most influential sectors within their organizations is one shared by Red Sindical TIC (RSTIC is an ICT trade union network) , which has been growing in Spain's Catalonia region and has the intention of gradually negotiating the sectoral agreement for ICT and market research companies. Its dual-goal is be able to offer a response to problems arising for workers in this sector in terms of uncertain working conditions and to refresh the trade union approach.

Through . Published on 09 October 2019 à 16h26 - Update on 09 October 2019 à 16h26

The trigger for RSTIC’s inception occurred during the renewal process at the end of 2017 of the last agreement for advisory and market research companies. Some of the relevant CCOO and UGT union representatives did not back the agreement’s signing adding another grievance to “the recurring problem of a lack of internal participation and transparency,” RSTIC member Susana Maymó explained to Planet Labor.…

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