United Kingdom: Primark and Sports Direct singled out for failing to pay the minimum wage

Having stuck to its policy to ‘name and shame’ offending firms, the UK government published a list of 260 companies that failed to pay the minimum wage to a combined total of 16,000 workers. In the list made public on 8 December, Primark features as the most prolific offender, with almost 10,000 employees affected. Also on the list was retailer Sports Direct, which will have to pay out more than £1 million to more than 4,000 workers.

Through . Published on 08 December 2017 à 15h45 - Update on 08 December 2017 à 16h52

The UK government’s ‘name and shame’ list  has been published twice a year since 2013 and, after clothing retailer H&M was singled out in 2015 (see article n° 8827), Primark has been named as the worst offender.…

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