Airbus Group: agreement on employee involvement in the SE (European Company)

At the beginning of March, the aeronautics group, together with the negotiation  Group specifically formed  for the purpose, signed an agreement  covering employee  involvement  in the future European Company (SE, Societas Europaea) that will be regulated under Dutch law. The agreement takes up the  existing 2008  EADS European Works Council architecture which itself  is built on the both group’s European Works Council and the works councils belonging to group’s separate divisions.

Through . Published on 23 March 2015 à 15h24 - Update on 23 March 2015 à 16h09

The new agreement puts in place an SE Works Council and  three divisional committees corresponding to Airbus, Defense & Space, and Airbus Helicopters.

The new agreement reaffirms the principle of transnationality (comprising a minimum of two countries) in order to trigger information and consultation procedures between the relevant bodies. At the same time however whenever a project  that concerns just one Member State seriously impacts employment, health, safety, or working conditions and is beyond the responsibility and competency of local management, then the agreement  allows for the committee concerned  to request management hold an information meeting- to be held within 15 days.  The agreement states that committee can put forward alternative proposals, which  should be forwarded under national procedures to local Management and  to the representatives of the affected employees.

Information/consultation and reference deadlines. The agreement lists the subjects over which the committees should  be informed.…

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