AKKA: an agreement on workers’ involvement in the future SE

On March 30 management at the French engineering and technology advisory firm signed an agreement with a SNB that puts in place an EWC for the soon to be established SE. This is the third French company since the start of the year to have signed an agreement of this type within the context of transforming to an SE.

Through . Published on 25 May 2015 Ă  15h30 - Update on 25 May 2015 Ă  15h57

The SE will be set up at the European group level or ‘EuroGroupe’ and will include Groupe Akka Techologies, which has its head in an EU Member State. The agreement was passed with an SNB absolute majority. In France neither the CGT nor the CFDT signed the agreement (the CFE-CGC, CFTC, and FO unions all signed).

How the EWC will function. …

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