Allianz SE: revision to the employee participation agreement

On July 03, 2014 an agreement revising an earlier one (2006) covering employee participation in the Allianz insurance company was signed during the SE works council meeting. The progress of employee participation in Allianz is closely watched because Allianz is one of the first major businesses to have chosen the SE Statute and all interested parties regard the agreement covering employee participation as exemplary. These revisions aim to bring the SE works council in line with developments in the company’s structure and make certain improvements to its content.

Through . Published on 27 February 2015 à 14h27 - Update on 27 February 2015 à 14h27

A much needed revision to include SE subsidiaries and multinational operations entities. Negotiations lasted two years and were prompted by two new features that required clarification in the agreement. Firstly, the company had set up subsidiaries with SE status and they had themselves set up their own works councils. Each of the two SE subsidiaries has the right to be represented on the parent company works council regardless of the number of employees in the subsidiary.…

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