BNP Paribas signs its European charter on telework

On 06 April, the French banking group, together with the UNI Europa Finance trade union federation, the European Federation of Credit Institution Executives (FEDEC), and the bank’s European Works Council signed a common telework framework for the group’s 22 EU countries operating in the EWC’s scope. The charter provides an opportunity to define teleworking schemes comprising up to 2.5 days of teleworking per week and proposes four compensation packages for the group's 132,000 employees in Europe.

Through . Published on 13 April 2022 à 13h54 - Update on 13 April 2022 à 13h59

After processing feedback from a ‘best practice’ review, negotiations that took place at the end of 2021, and a period of consultations via the elected representatives of the European works council, on 06 April 2022, BNP’s management, the bank’s employee representatives, and the relevant union federation representatives all approved a new common telework framework. “We were focussed on providing a concrete tool for colleagues that could avoid multiple bi-lateral agreements,”…

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