Dassault Systèmes: signature of an agreement on employee involvement in the European company (SE)

On April 10 the French software company specializing in 3D software design together with an expressly designated SNB signed an agreement on employee involvement in the future SE. The highly detailed agreement puts a Committee of the European Company (CEC) in place and is the Group’s first transnational body representing Dassault employees. True to the company’s high tech nature the agreement relies heavily on   the use of leading edge communications media and methods for its information and consultation procedures.

Through . Published on 14 April 2015 à 13h13 - Update on 30 April 2015 à 17h26

The negotiations, which took less than 6 months, involved representatives from the 16 European countries in which Dassault Group has a presence. Currently most of the company’s employees are located in France and in Germany but going forward the group is looking to redress the European balance.

Committee of the European Company (CEC). The CEC will be made up of at least one seat per country and per 10% of total staff up to a maximum number of 40 seats. The agreement outlines an adjustment process for seat number reductions should the initial seat assignment procedure result in more than 40 seats. The CEC has been given the competence to consider transnational issues in so far as they impact the SE itself and/or any subsidiary or entity in at least one of the member States. In addition it has the competence to examine issues that relate to the SE’s decision-making powers and that exceed the scope of national bodies’ competence. …

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