EU : industry trade union federation IndustriAll Europe launches campaign to promote collective bargaining

A seven-month campaign that seeks to demonstrate the positive impact of collective bargaining is in the offing. On Thursday 26 September, the trade union federation IndustriAll Europe launched its Together at Work campaign, which aims to underline the benefit of collective bargaining to society as a whole and not just workers covered by collective deals. Speaking in front of a crowd of around 50 people, who came together for the campaign’s unveiling, Luc Triangle, general secretary of the union organisation – which represents 7 million workers in sectors such as metals, energy and clothing – said the campaign’s title conveys the meaning of collective bargaining, which is about “coming together and fighting for better working conditions”.

Through . Published on 27 September 2019 à 15h44 - Update on 27 September 2019 à 16h07

The trauma of the economic crisis. As a backdrop to this new campaign, IndustriAll Europe points to the decline of collective bargaining over recent years. In its brochure (which can be accessed here along with other campaign material), the union organisation underlines: “Following the crisis which began in 2008,…

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