Faurecia: agreement struck that institutes its Societas Europaea (SE) company committee

Faurecia now possess ‘a legal status that is more representative of the Group’s European dimension and that will bolster both its international image and its attractiveness vis-à-vis all of its stakeholders,’ underlined the group’s press statement (04 January 2019) that announced the French automotive parts manufacturer adopted Societas Europaea (SE) status as of 26 December 2018. To enable the SE transformation, Faurecia first concluded an agreement on 22 October 2018 covering worker involvement and its contents closely mirror the text governing its earlier European Works Council.

Through . Published on 15 February 2019 à 11h09 - Update on 15 February 2019 à 12h24

The October agreement takes up the bulk of the contents in the Faurecia European Works Council agreement that was renegotiated on 11 January 2016.

Faurecia European Company Committee (FE2C) composition. The FE2C will comprise 25 members. First stage seats will be assigned to a representative from every country in which Faurecia employs more than 50 staff,…

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