Groupama : EWC and management have signed a joint declaration on ‘quality of life at work’ with special emphasis on the impact of digitalization

Trade union federation Uni Europa published the information that on 01 July 2018 a joint declaration was signed by the social partners of the Groupama SA EWC (represented by its secretary) and the group’s CEO, which translates ‘the signatories commitment to promoting an innovative approach and a shared vocabulary as regards quality of life at work as an avenue for supporting how change as a key strategic theme for the insurance profession is managed in the digital era.”

Through . Published on 04 December 2018 à 16h12 - Update on 05 December 2018 à 9h09

In line with and as an extension of the joint declaration signed on 15 February 2013 (c.f. article No. 130122) that was also signed by the same parties as well as that of 12 October 2016, this time signed by the European insurance social partners (c.f. article No. 9871), this new text included a commitment by all parties to ‘anticipate and take into account the human impact of transformation processes.’ To this end,…

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