Inditex: clothing giant makes commitment with European Works Council to preserve jobs despite transformation plan

Through . Published on 04 January 2021 à 11h49 - Update on 18 January 2021 à 16h37

Following the announcement of a strategic transformation and digitalisation plan, the management of Inditex, the parent company of the prêt-à-porter brands Zara and Pull & Bear, revealed that it had already committed in June to preserving jobs despite the closure of shops that its strategy entails. A joint statement issued on 21 December by Inditex and the EWC details the commitment made by the management as well as the approach adopted: “A process has been launched, together with trade union representatives, in order to offer those employees in absorbed stores, as a first option, their relocation or new positions in the vicinity. This has been done in order to meet the needs generated by the new store model.” The members of the committee insist on the need to respect the smooth running of the information and consultation procedures, at the European Works Council level but also in each country affected by the plan, in accordance with the company’s “tradition of social dialogue”, which the parties commit to fortify. This same approach should allow for the training of staff in the “new functions” and “labour organisation” brought about by the transformation plan. The joint declaration concludes that advancing “together” is the way to “continue generating employment in the long term, as well as quality labour conditions”.

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