Italy: agreement on hybrid working for the Generali Group

On 20 April, Generali Group, Italy’s global insurance and asset management provider, together with the unions First-Cisl, Fisac-Cgil, Uilca, FNA and SNFIA, signed a smart working agreement that consolidates the so-called post-covid ‘Next Normal’ phase instituted in 2022. In it is provision for three remote working days per week to be made available for most of the staff along with specific terms and conditions for disconnecting from work. The group employs over 13,000 people in Italy.

Through HĂ©lĂšne Martinelli. Published on 03 May 2023 Ă  14h39 - Update on 03 May 2023 Ă  14h39
Key points
Remote working up to 4 days a week
Reinforcement of the right to disconnect, alongside guidance on behaviours
More flexible work arrangements for parents and carers

Administrative staff making up a large part of the group will be able to work remotely for up to 3 days a week,…

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