OHB SE: agreement over worker participation in the newly formed SE online

On March 26, 2015, OHB, the German space technology company converted its legal structure into a Societas Europaea (SE). The change is in response to the growing Europeanization of its activities. The agreement covering workers’ participation, a prerequisite for being allowed to adopt SE status, has resulted in an SE Works Council being put in place. Even if currently the conditions for workers representation on the supervisory board are not ready, the agreement does contain rules over designating future representatives when these conditions are appropriate.

Through . Published on 06 May 2015 à 15h41 - Update on 06 May 2015 à 19h51

The agreement on the participation of employees was signed on March 18, 2015. It is submitted to German law and was negotiated with an SNB comprising the following countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and also with representatives of the German trade union IG Metall.

An SE Works Council. For each share of employees in a country amounting to 10% of the total number of all OHB employees or a part thereof, this country shall have one member on the SE Works Council (once the country employs at least 15 staff).…

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