Putting online an agreement that established a single works council for two European companies; Christian Dior SE and LVMH SE

Two European companies with a single common personnel representation body. The arrangement to put a single works council in place was chosen in an agreement signed by Christian Dior SE and LVMH SE on 07 July 2014. The works council is a forum for information and its Bureau can, under exceptional and circumstances, which have been precisely laid out, also exercise the right to information and ‘exchange’. Although not recent news Planet Labor is nonetheless putting this online along with a commentary in the context of this being a reference point.

Through . Published on 20 January 2016 à 10h12 - Update on 20 January 2016 à 9h05

The new structure results from both Christian Dior SA and its principal shareholding, LVMH SA transforming into SEs (Societates Europaeae). It was decided that a single representative body for both companies’ international personnel would be put in place. This common European Works Council meets once a year (with the possibility of also holding a preparatory meeting) to receive information on the economic and financial situation,…

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