Renault: global council and IndustriAll Global Union sign international framework agreement on social, societal and environmental responsibility

On July 2, Renault Group, Renault Group Committee (the international employee representation structure) and IndustriAll Global Union signed an international framework agreements, “Commit together for sustainable growth and development.”  With this new agreement, the French carmaker renews and strengthens the commitments made with the fundamental rights declaration signed on October 12, 2004, especially regarding management planning and follow-up.  The agreement also contractualizes the carmaker’s commitments in terms of societal and environmental responsibility.  (Ref.  130445)

Through . Published on 03 July 2013 à 11h55 - Update on 03 July 2013 à 11h59

This new agreement reached between the French carmaker, the international manufacturing federation (IndustriAll Global Union) and the Select Committee of Renault’s global group committee is in line with the fundamental rights declaration of October 12, 2004.  It replaces the previous text but, most importantly, “improves and updates it, to adapt it to new economic and social requirements.”  The 2004 declaration already contained a number of commitments to respect international standards.  They are included and improved in the new text, notably regarding union rights, where the principle of neutrality for the employer is stated. …

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