Suez Environnement: signature of a European agreement on gender equality in the workplace

Together, Suez Environnement, the European Federation of Public Service Unions EPSU, and the special negotiation group for the agreement, signed on March 31, a European agreement on gender equality in the workplace. In the context of GDF Suez’s deconsolidation, Suez Environnement was committed to taking up the transnational agreements previously signed by the former parent company. An agreement on health and safety was signed in June 2012 and now the agreement on gender equality will be transferred over. This agreement sets quantifiable targets and includes indicators for monitoring the agreement’s target themes including, parity in terms of; hiring, career progression, equal pay, training, and a better work-life balance.

Through . Published on 01 April 2015 à 9h48 - Update on 01 April 2015 à 11h39

The agreement was negotiated between EPSU and the members of the European EWC. It is very similar to the agreement negotiated by GDF Suez back in June 2012 (c.f. article No. 120368). Some signatures are still missing from the final document especially those of the French union organizations) but they are expected to sign within the next few days.

Implementation via action plans. All group companies with more than 150 employees have to put together an overview of actions taken to promote gender equality (the GDF Suez agreement already obliged implementation of action plans on this topic) and to define a new action plan including the topics covered in the new agreement.…

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