Teleperformance: global agreement committing to trade union freedom eventually signed after years of conflict

On 01 December 2022 French digital business solutions group Teleperformance succumbed and signed a global agreement on social responsibility. The text, which mind RH has obtained, commits Teleperformance both to guaranteeing freedom of association wherever it is poorly guaranteed by law and to complying with due diligence obligations; two issues over which the company has been facing litigation.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 18 January 2023 Ă  13h48 - Update on 18 January 2023 Ă  17h22

A ‘concerted desire for progress in the field of the working environment, particularly in health and safety’ for the group’s 440,000 employees. Thus the message put forward by the company when announcing the document’s signing. Teleperformance had previously refused to sign an initial version of the text, but a few years later has u-turned and signed a very similar document. The catalyst for this turnaround was an October 2022 report in US Time magazine revealing that Teleperformance was employing underpaid Colombian moderators on the TikTok platform and that reprisals had ensued following attempts to create a trade union within the company.…

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