TOTAL: agreement signed establishing the European Works Council of the future European Company (SE)

On 15 April, the French energy producer and provider concluded an agreement on employee involvement in the future European Company (SE), the conversion into which was approved at the shareholders’ meeting on 29 May. In continuing the process of European social dialogue that has grown over the last 20 years, the future SE company European Works Council will give greater involvement to the smaller countries (those employing less than 150 employees) and will also benefit from stronger resources for better communication. The European trade union federations are also involved.

Through . Published on 03 June 2020 à 13h15 - Update on 11 June 2020 à 15h12

The preamble to the agreement states that: ‘On August 28, 2019, Total launched a consultation process with European and French employee representatives with a view to transforming itself into a European company and thus creating a legal status common to all European Union countries, more consistent with its activity and its European roots.’ This transformation into a European Company (SE), status under European law, “has a strong symbolic significance”’ explains Gilles Noguérol, Group Director of Social Relations and HR Holding Company head to Planet Labor. “Above all, we wanted to prove our attachment to Europe because the Group was built alongside Europe and we have benefited from it while still remaining French,”…

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