Vincent Mackie (Safran): “We’re working on a common parenthood framework for all countries by 2024”

On 4 December, aerospace, technology and defence group Safran renewed its social responsibility agreement with IndustriAll Global Union. Vincent Mackie, group social affairs director, spoke to mind RH about the results of the first agreement and the objectives of the new version, which includes new training targets.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 21 December 2023 Ă  18h03 - Update on 21 December 2023 Ă  18h05

What is the philosophy behind the new agreement?

In our discussions, the starting point was to extend the first agreement. However, our discussions revealed that a number of issues were already on the table but had taken on a completely different
dimension since the first agreement was signed. I’m thinking in particular of decarbonisation issues, whereas in 2017 we were only talking about environmental protection. We are committed to decarbonisation, which is a central issue in the aeronautical industry. The text is also in line with changes in society, which is what we wanted to take into consideration with the trade unions. Anti- corruption is becoming increasingly important, as are the “twin transitions” (environmental and digital transformations), which are much more present today. Young people are now taking a close look at what companies are doing in terms of CSR, which is a major societal development.…

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