Global Framework Agreements

  • Eramet establishes global social dialogue body, unprecedented in the mining industry

    This global framework agreement, which was signed on 09 July by the French automaker Renault Group along with IndustriALL Global Union, the Secretary of the Renault Group Works Council (a global council) and the trade union bodies represented within it, is in fact quite unique. Entitled, ‘Building the world of work together at Renault Group’, Renault’s second global framework agreement (its first was signed in 2013 and addressed fundamental rights at work, c.f. article No. 130445) comes at a time when the automotive sector is undergoing a period of major transformation. As such the agreement addresses the subject of social dialogue over the changing nature of professions and careers in the industry, and above all it is seeks to promote new ways of working so that employees feel good about working in the Renault Group. The agreement states it is seeking to describe ‘a sustainable dynamic that goes beyond the issue of working conditions, enabling the mobilization and development of current and future employees’ potential, being a real source of commitment for everyone,’ by addressing those aspects of life at work ‘that enable employees to combine performance and well-being’.

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