EU: the 4th UNI Europa Conference was held under the heading ‘Changing Europe Together’

With the desire to ‘Change Europe’, thanks to stronger unions with increased negotiations influence, UNI Europa gathered its members together for a three-day conference, held in Rome from the 14th to the 16th of March 2016, to set out a strategic framework for the next four years. Unions’ strengthened capacity to attract members and to negotiate, using levers including union alliances, European Works Councils, and transnational company agreements came to the fore. In terms of transnational company agreements, the Conference adopted a set of guidelines and a negotiation procedure.

Through . Published on 22 March 2016 à 14h12 - Update on 22 March 2016 à 14h30

The first priority that the delegates attending the Rome conference took on was that of ‘Changing Europe Together, by Growing Unions.” The motion headed thus focuses on growing the capacity of unions to organize in the services sector and attract more members. It stresses why it is important for workers to unionize in Central and Eastern Europe that, for UNI Europa, is an area run by governments hostile to unions and so devoid of union presence, and which offers new union entry potential not least because of manpower migration eastwards in the services sector. UNI Europa looked to highlight this geographical area and, with the cooperation of other European union federations and relevant trade unions, intends to establish a Central European unionization institute, based on the Baltic Organising Academy (BOA) model that would have the capacity to train union membership recruitment agents,…

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