Great Britain: all the trade unions have renewed their 10 year political funds

The 1984 Union law requires unions to ballot their members if they want to continue maintaining  their political funds (that can be used to provide financial support for political parties) for a further 10 year term (see article n°8377). Given the political backdrop, with the general election  to be held in 2015, and unions hoping for change, all the unions voted once again for the  maintenance of these funds.

Through . Published on 08 December 2014 à 13h12 - Update on 08 December 2014 à 13h00

In the last three months, the final tranche of unions required by law to reballot their members in 2014 on maintaining their political funds have done so. They have secured the maintenance of these funds by winning these ballots. They range from the second biggest union, predominantly public sector union, Unison (with 1.3m), to amongst the smallest, the Unity manufacturing union (with 4,000 members). In addition to Unison and Unity, the other unions have been the small Aslef train drivers’ union,…

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