France: final approval of law on multinationals’ human rights due diligence

Today 21 February, French National Assembly adopted the law that looks to oblige France’s largest companies to take reasonable care in order to pre-empt human rights violations and environmental damage both at their subsidiaries located abroad and along their sub-contracting and supply chains.

Through . Published on 20 February 2017 à 15h25 - Update on 22 February 2017 à 15h24

The text intends that French companies employing more than 5,000 staff in France or 10,000 globally will have to draw up ‘reasonable duty of care measures’, which ‘identify the risks and anticipate serious abuse of human rights and fundamental freedoms, personal health and safety, as well as the environment,” that are a direct or indirect result of its own business activities or the activities of its subsidiaries,…

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