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Looking back at 2023: social dialogue returns to the fore

The year 2023 saw legislators, employers and trade unions agree to strengthen the role of social dialogue, both at company and European institution level. All are convinced of its importance, all the more so against the backdrop of crisis and environmental and digital transformation. This has given rise to dedicated initiatives, such as to strengthen European works councils and company agreements at national and global level.

Looking back at 2023: new inclusion topics emerged

Diversity and inclusion were in the spotlight in 2023. This was reflected in Spain, where a law was passed to combat discrimination against LGBTI people and menstrual leave was introduced, as well as in Ireland, where domestic violence leave was introduced. These issues are also gaining ground within companies.

Looking back at 2023: European regulatory framework for CSR takes shape

In 2023, the European Union definitively adopted a new directive on non-financial performance reporting, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The bloc also reached a compromise on the draft regulation on due diligence shortly before the year was out. The combination of the two texts should lead to increased transparency on the part of companies and improve the prevention and remediation of their social and environmental impacts.