Valiuz Adz : The Mulliez family’s retailers launch a retail media offering

Auchan (grocery) and Boulanger (home electrical products) are entrusting advertising inventory to Valiuz Adz, the Association Familiale Mulliez's new advertising agency for the French market. Belgium and Spain are expected to follow shortly.

Through Sophie Baqué. Published on 25 September 2023 à 11h40 - Update on 25 September 2023 à 13h30

The French giant Mulliez Group is launching a retail media agency to increase its reach against the Amazon gorilla, as well as Unlimitail, Retail Link and Infinity Advertising. Supported by Valiuz data alliance, and called Valiuz Adz, this agency will market the media inventories of the Auchan and Boulanger brands,…