Poland: draft legislation proposed to combat alcoholism in the workplace and provide the basis for remote working

Through . Published on 16 June 2022 à 11h35 - Update on 16 June 2022 à 10h56

On 07 June a bill amending the Labour Code was submitted to Poland’s lower house of Parliament (Sejm), which enables employers to utilise preventative means to curb employee alcoholism. Employers will be able to monitor employee sobriety by way of breathalyser testing. Employees detected with alcohol in his/her system will not be allowed to work. The goal is restrict the number of work situations occurring under a state of intoxication and to consequently ensure, “the safety of the employees and others, as well as the protection of the goods”, according to the text. This bill concerns the use of alcohol but also of any other substance “acting in a similar manner”, the list of which will have to be defined by regulation. This draft legislation also lays the foundations for remote working “as a permanent solution”. Remote working will have to be the subject of an agreement between the employer and the trade union or, in the absence of which, a charter drawn up by the employer after consultation with the staff representatives. The social partners will have 6 months to define the new remote working rules after the text comes into force.

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