Great Britain: the fight against modern slavery in supply chains is about to get started

For the first time, once the summer comes to a close, firms operating in Britain will have to report on an annual basis what they are doing to combat human trafficking along their global supply chains. This unprecedented reporting requirement is contained in the UK Modern Slavery Act, represents a first in Europe and has been roundly welcomed by many organizations fighting for human rights. However several grey areas concerning the Act’s implementation have left some skeptical.

Through . Published on 06 July 2015 à 15h12 - Update on 06 July 2015 à 15h05

Experts expect David Cameron’s Conservative Government to provide details on this exceptional initiative that was designed along the lines of the California law on transparency in supply chains and that has been much spoken about since the end of 2014 (c.f. article No. 8650). British firms are still waiting to hear how they will be affected as the government still has to announce the minimum level of turnover for a company to comply with the new requirements.…

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