L’Oréal: an interview with Bertrand de Senneville, Global Vice-President of HR-Industrial Relations and Head of the L’Oréal Share & Care Program

In January 2017 the global cosmetics giant launched ‘Season 2’ of its Share & Care program, which in addition to bolstering certain social cover and parental leave aspects also focuses on the quality of life at work. Bertrand de Senneville, Global Vice-President of L’Oréal HR-Social Relations spoke with Planet Labor about the Share & Care program that in particular looks to put in place a minimum level of social protection worldwide, an issue for which L’Oréal has been a longtime pioneer.

Through . Published on 08 June 2017 à 14h30 - Update on 08 June 2017 à 23h07
  • Remind us again of the philosophy underlying the Share & Care program.

Bertrand de Senneville. This program is inextricably linked to the group’s own history and strategy.  As was evident via his social policies, L’Oréal’s founder, Eugène Schueller always believed that humankind was at the center and that economic growth could not occur without social progress and vice versa. L’Oréal’s current CEO, Jean-Paul Agon is totally in line with this philosophy of mankind being at the center of the business, and about fifteen years ago he sought to shift the group’s strategy, which is based on two pillars, namely attracting a billion consumers and globalization, and is based on the principle that if we have international brands then we should adapt our products to local consumer needs. In terms of an HR perspective this strategy requires that we attract even more new talent ranging from skilled workers to specialists in specific fields,…

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