Société Générale to offer digitalisation related guarantees and social coverage to its employees worldwide

On 23 June, French banking group Société Générale renewed, for a second time, the global agreement on employee rights that it initially signed with UNI Global Union in 2015 and again in 2019 on its first renewal. The document reinforces its commitments vis-à-vis due diligence, countering harassment, progress towards gender equality and it also inaugurates guarantees over digitisation, notably on AI. Above all, the text introduces death cover as well as maternity/paternity leave entitlements for all 117,000 employees worldwide.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 27 June 2023 à 17h01 - Update on 27 June 2023 à 17h02

While this new agreement on employee rights runs for four years, Société Générale employees should reap its benefits over a much longer term. in the longer term. During the agreement’s first three years, a guaranteed minimum of 14 weeks’ maternity leave and one week’s paternity leave will be deployed in all countries within the Group’s scope (currently 66), where these benefits have not yet been introduced. A death benefit allowing the payment of two years’…

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