Customer relations firm Critizr provides employees with menstrual and miscarriage leave

French customer relations company Critizr has decided to grant a specific leave period to females based in five different countries who have undergone a miscarriage. Employees whose partners have similarly suffered will also be entitled to leave. Furthermore, females will be able to benefit from one to two days per month of menstrual leave. In this way the company is seeking to be at the vanguard in terms of "future social developments" and to anticipate potential regulatory developments.

Through . Published on 19 May 2022 Ă  14h16 - Update on 19 May 2022 Ă  14h16

Critizr ‘s approximately one hundred staff learnt of the news at the beginning of May. Staff based in France, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Spain will be entitled to five days’ leave in the event of a miscarriage,…

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