EU: European Commission proposes presumption of salaried employee status for platform workers

On 09 December and following a process launched in spring 2021 with the consultation of social partners, the European Commission unveiled a Directive proposal aimed at improving the working conditions of platform workers. Faced with a debate on legal status, the EU Commission chose to define a presumption of salaried status for platform workers, unless a platform does not fulfil the criteria characterising it as an employer. The directive proposal also imposes obligations on platforms over the management of their algorithms and their transparency.

Through . Published on 09 December 2021 Ă  15h45 - Update on 09 December 2021 Ă  15h45

All drivers, delivery couriers and other platform workers should soon be able to benefit from better social protection and working conditions. The European Commission is following up on its promise made at the Porto summit in May 2021 to regulate digital work, something which is gaining added momentum because of the Covid pandemic. Following consultations launched at the beginning of the 2021 with the social partners,…

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