France: platform workers called upon for the first time to choose their representatives

Between 09 and 16 May, and under the aegis of the new Agency for Social Relations of Employment Platforms (ARPE), 120,000 digital platform workers are being invited to elect their own representatives. Lying ahead is the prospect of commencing a collective bargaining process that should allow them to secure a set of protections, while still maintaining their status as independent workers.

Through . Published on 11 May 2022 Ă  10h08 - Update on 11 May 2022 Ă  16h42

Platform workers could soon benefit from guarantees in terms of income setting, health coverage and training (c.f article No.13004). The ARPE is using an online platform to organise two elections (one for vehicle for hire drivers and one for delivery operators) where each worker is given a unique identification reference via email in order to be able to vote. Seven organizations have been selected for the vehicle for hire drivers college and 9 have been selected for the delivery operators college.…

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