Italy: collective agreement reached in metals industry  

After 15 months of negotiations, interspersed with suspensions, the national collective agreement for the metals industry – which expired at the end of 2019 – was renewed on 5 February. A draft agreement has been reached by Federmeccanica and Assistal on the employer side and the Fim, Fiom and Uilm on the union side, though it is yet to be submitted to workers. The agreement will cover the period from January 2021 to June 2024 (a longer period than is generally negotiated). As well as addressing the issue of pay increases, the agreement modernises and updates the job classification system, bolsters guarantees for outsourced workers in the event of a change of service provider, and introduces national training programme.

Through . Published on 09 February 2021 à 12h23 - Update on 09 February 2021 à 10h17

The agreement, which covers some 1.6 million workers, provides for an average gross wage increase of €112 on the minimum wage for the fifth level and of €100 for the third level over the period of the agreement (payment in four instalments). In addition, there will be €200 of flexible benefits (contributions to insurance schemes, for example) for each year. As regards the year 2020, during which there was no collective agreement, this will be compensated via an increase of €12 on the minimum wage levels and €200 in flexible benefits.…

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