How Tech Foundations (Atos) is using artificial intelligence to optimise the HR management of its consultants

Tech Foundations, the outsourcing and cloud business line of the Atos group, has been using Whoz, a HR staffing solution using artificial intelligence to allocate consultants to clients, for several months now. It is based on a detailed skills map, drawn up jointly by managers and employees themselves. The solution, which is reserved for digital services companies, could soon be extended to the entire market.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 26 February 2024 Ă  16h44 - Update on 26 February 2024 Ă  16h44

Tech Foundations is a digital services company, a sector that employs consultants who carry out one assignment after another for companies that outsource their training, tool construction and deployment or IT maintenance needs. This means that companies have particular needs in terms of HR and finance, while consultants, who are still employees, can find themselves without assignments during the phases between ‘contracts’. All the more so as the sector is growing (4% in France in 2023 compared with 0.8% for GDP) and the job market remains “under pressure” according to the Numeum trade association. Dedicated to these companies, the Whoz tool,…

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