Italy: Enel innovating labour relations by way of its ‘Status of the Person’

In paying attention to the profound transformations linked in particular to energy transition and digitalization, and in a bid to enhance the value of the individual in the workplace, state-controlled energy company Enel and the Filctem-Cgil, Flaei-Cisl and Uiltec trade unions have signed a protocol that sets out a framework for labour relations embracing numerous themes, including employee well-being, training, and, safety. The agreement also breaks new ground by extending its consideration beyond the company itself and towards the entire ‘ecosystem’ of suppliers and subcontractors.

Through . Published on 14 April 2022 à 12h05 - Update on 14 April 2022 à 12h05

Signed on 29 March the agreement ‘represents the desire to co-construct and promote the ‘Status of the Person’, in order to ‘rethink the future of work’, placing ‘the person, and their needs and aspirations’ at the centre, and to ‘perceive the worker as an individual.’ Enel’s agreement stands out for being particularly innovative when viewed against the Italian labour relations panorama.…

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