Italy: social partners revise protocol to combat coronavirus in the workplace

Ahead of “phase two”, which see lockdown in Italy gradually eased from 4 May and will primarily concern production activities, the trade unions Cgil, Cisl and Uil and the employer organisation Confindustria drew up a new protocol on 24 April, which integrates and replaces the protocol of 14 March (see article n°11720). Concluded under the auspices of Italy’s employment minister and the minister for economic development, the agreement required tough negotiations through the night and talks between social partners came close to collapsing, according to UIL secretary general Carmelo Barbagallo. Under the protocol, which represents a compromise on several controversial aspects, suspension of activity will be a sanction for companies that do not comply with the protocol, occupational physicians will be given greater power, and local bilateral committees will be set up.

Through . Published on 27 April 2020 à 15h52 - Update on 27 April 2020 à 17h01

While the main measures set out by the protocol of 14 March remain unchanged (procedures for entering and leaving the workplace, prohibition of entry to the workplace if displaying symptoms, procedures for treating a person with symptoms of Covid-19, etc.), the new text clarifies certain points in the light of the experience of the last few weeks.

Suspension of activity at non-compliant firms.…

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