United Kingdom: Living Wage rises by record 10.1%

The so-called "Living Wage", which is paid voluntarily by more than 11,000 employers across the UK, was increased to £10.90 (€12.03) an hour by the Living Wage Foundation, the organisation driving the movement. This change, announced by the organisation on 22 September, should benefit some 390,000 British workers as they grapple with soaring inflation.

Through Jessica Agache-Gorse. Published on 26 September 2022 à 12h56 - Update on 14 November 2022 à 15h28

The Living Wage was increased by £1 (€1.10) to reach £10.90 per hour across the UK apart from London. In the UK capital, where the Living Wage is higher, the figure has been increased by 90p (€0.99) to reach £11.95 (€13.19) per hour.…

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