Great Britain: the 4-day working week soon to be tested in dozens of companies

Starting in June 2022, some UK employers will be offering staff the chance of a four-day working week while maintaining 100% pay. This is part of a six-month trial devised by the lobby group 4 Day Week Global, which is responsible for similar projects in several different countries. The trial should allow researchers to study the impact of the shortened week on company productivity, employee well-being, gender equality, and the environment.

Through . Published on 20 January 2022 Ă  13h25 - Update on 20 January 2022 Ă  13h25

Unveiled on 17 January 2022, this pilot project hopes to attract the participation of between 20 and 30 companies before the application deadline closes on 31 March 2022. Each participating company will be supported through the process and will be able to access; workshops teaching how to successfully implement the four-day week,…

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